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In 1994 the National Institute of Health coined the phrase “human energy field” to describe the electrical charge surrounding the body. This subtle energy field (also known as the aura) is a kind of early-warning system, because imbalances here show up much earlier than physical disease symptoms.

The SCIO measures and balances the body at this subtle energy level. It works on physical, mental and emotional levels because all three react in the body electro-magnetically and the SCIO reduces stress at the electro-magnetic level.

It is completely non-invasive and comfortable, requiring only five straps at wrists, ankles and forehead.

Most people have heard of the so-called “FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT” response. When we pile stress upon stress the autonomic nervous system becomes unbalanced, and the body becomes “stuck” in what’s known as the sympathetic phase. Breathing becomes rapid and shallow, heart rate is accelerated, digestion is interrupted and blood flows away from the body’s core to the extremities. If you were suddenly faced with and actual physical threat, this would be a highly appropriate response. But when the stress comes from, say, emotional pain, there’s nowhere to run. You’re just stuck in sympathetic overload, unable to switch it off.

Stress reactions also occur on the unconscious, cellular level. Maybe you have an allergy or a nutritional deficiency you’re unaware of. And even if you are not yet manifesting physical symptoms, exposure to environmental toxins can be taking its toll whether you know about it or not.

Enter QUANTUM BIOFEEDBACK. It can address even a latent issue and help to head it off before it becomes a physical problem. Think of it as an electrical “tune-up” that can prevent imbalances of energy from turning into a full-blown disease or disability.


They can’t tell us what’s bothering them, but you will be able to see their response to the healing frequencies.

SCIO SESSION……………(1 ½ – 2 hours)……………..$100.00

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