Energy Healing Medicine in Palm Beach County, Florida

Energy Healing in South Florida

Quantum Biofeedback

My SCIO Quantum Biofeedback device is the star at Delray Energetics. However, sometimes no one machine, technique or philosophy is the answer to everyone’s issues, so there are a number of modalities I can utilize to assist you in overcoming what brought you to me. You are invited to contact me for a free initial consultation to discuss what changes you’d like to see in your life.

Feng Shui Consulting

I am a certified Feng Shui consultant, so I may ask you to draw me a picture of the floor plan of the house or apartment you live in, as doing this will enable me to make specific suggestions that apply to your situation.

Or, you may wish to arrange for a feng shui consultation, with me going to your home and seeing first hand what’s up, because as we like to say in feng shui, “what’s going on in your house is going on in your life”.

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT 

Another method I like to employ is Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT, or tapping as some refer to it, is a unique, very simple to learn type of energy work that you can perform on yourself for whatever you wish. (The slogan of EFT is “Try It On Everything”.)

You gently tap on specific meridian points on your face and upper body in a certain sequence to facilitate the energy flowing properly again, and it is nothing short of astonishing what is possible to accomplish. Some people report the cessation of pain they have suffered with for decades, sometimes after only one session. People who have struggled with problems like addictions, fears and phobias or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have reported great relief using EFT.

Energy Healing for Animals

Animal Energetics! Animals benefit from the healing frequencies of the SCIO just like we do. No, I don’t strap them up with the wrist, ankle and forehead electrodes; I place them on the SCIO Pet Pad, a specially constructed rubber mat embedded with electrodes that the animal may comfortably sit or lay on. I have used the SCIO on cats, dogs, horses and birds. Would it work on a goldfish? Why not?